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Complete Song:

This package includes everything needed to complete a song:

Recording, Editing, Drums (Programming or Live), Mixing, Mastering and Producer Fees.


This is for artists who want to record the song and mix and master it elsewhere.

We do our best to capture a great performance and sound.

Recordings can be done using our Guitars, Bass, Keyboards etc if the artist can’t bring their own equipment.

Mixing/ Mastering:

It is for artists who have recorded their song elsewhere and want us mix and master it.

We will give the stellar mix that Lucid Recess Studio is known for.

We offer mastering services where needed. We can also reamp all guitars and bass with our equipments if needed.

Complete Band LIVE Recording:

We capture the audio and video of a live performance inside the studio.

Drum Programming:

We offer drum programming services for all genres of music.

We will give the midi file that can later be used in any studio.

Live Acoustic Drums:

We also provide full Live Drum recordings. The drums are recorded in a beautiful sounding acoustically treated

drum room that preserves the natural sound of the drums and has an excellent room sound.

You can use our in-house drum kit or you can bring your own kit.

V-Drum Recording:

We record live drums using our Roland V-Drum.

Being a V-drum, it will capture your drum performance and you can use any sounds you want with it.

We will give the midi file that can later be used in any studio


We also provide session musicians when needed.

They can play like the artists want or can give their own inputs in the songs.

Session musicians are available for: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Drums


This is ideal for artists who have composed their song melodies and want us to compose and perform the music for it.

We will take care of all the musical compositions and the musicians as well as the production of the song.